In brief:
Billy and Icky jump from the moving train and make their way to the camp site on Benllech mountain. but discover it deserted. They find what they think is a deserted house.

Memorable moments:
Tractor chase through the town
Feeding baby birds a Mars bar.

Billy Rizley.......................... David Morrissey
Icky Higson........................ Spencer Leigh
Guard................................. Phil Kernot
Guard 2.............................. Ian Bleasdale
Scout Master...................... Geoffrey Lander
Cyclist............................... Dai Davies
Mrs Roberts....................... Iona Banks
Mr Roberts......................... Jack Walters
Farmer............................... Andy Abrahams



The train is racing through the Welsh countryside. Icky has climbed into a luggage rack and declares it to be like a hammock, while Billy reads one of the girlie magazines. Icky peers down and pronounces: "You'll go blind reading that". Billy: "I'm not reading it, I'm looking at the pictures."

A train guard arrives and tells the boys to tidy the mess they've made. A second guard arrives and examines their tickets and discovers they are not valid to go this far. As they are marched to the guards van to be handed over to the police at the next station, Billy recognises the view out the window as being Benllech mountain - the location of the camp. The boys jump from the moving train despite Icky's protestations it is moving to fast..

Billy takes a little while to recover from the fall, and after Icky runs to his prone body, Billy says quietly "you were right - the train was moving to fast."

The boys stand up and find themselves in a vast valley with grassy fields stretching on all sides. They take off their school ties and wave them in the air, singing a rousing rendition of "Walk On"

The boys find a bus stop and wait for a bus to arrive. Finally an old man rides past on a bicycle.

Man: What are you waiting for?
Billy: Christmas
Icky: Nosey git. (pause) Hey chief - when's the next bus come?
Man: Thursday
Icky: No - today
Man: No - there's no buses today. The next one is on Thursday morning.
Icky: Are they on strike?
Man: Oh - that's a regular service, man.
Icky: Service! That's not a bleeding service.

The boys walk on, Icky generally complaining.
Icky: Jesus, I'm parched.
Billy spots a field of cows
Billy: Hey - we can get a drink from there.
Icky: Where?
Billy: Look
Icky looks blankly at the cows, stony faced.
Billy: Where'd you get milk from stupid?
Icky: From the milkman.
Billy: Softarse, where's he get it from stupid.
Icky: From off his van.
Billy mock threatens to hit him.
Billy: I'm warning you.
Icky: I'm not having any milk from no cows!

Icky is getting restless and bored.
Icky: It's a bleed'n dump isn't it. There's sod all here apart from poxy mountains. There's not even a shop or car to rob.
At this moment Icky spots a farmer leaving his tractor in the middle of a field. A devilish grin light up his face. The tractor ride begins. Billy and Icky ride the tractor through the streets of the town, causing chaos in their wake. The police spot them and a chase ensues. The boys abandon the tractor and a policeman chases after the riderless tractor on foot, and the boys look on laughing hysterically as it crashes out of view.


The boys sit by a stream and Billy talks about being at Benllech when he was 12, and crying when he had to leave. Billy and Icky confess to each other they've never gone all the way with a girl and Billy fantasises that two naked girls will come through the bushes at them.

They come across a tree with dead rats and crows hanging from the branches. Billy says it is a warning to all the other rats, and things that shouldn't be there, to keep away.

The boys are climbing the mountain and Billy is trying to encourage Icky by saying there might be a chippy on the other side.
Suddenly Icky says: Lets go home.
Billy: How are we going to go home, la? The coppers 'll be looking for us.
Icky: Your ma wouldn't have told the coppers just because you robbed the bingo money.
Billy: You're joking aren't ya? She'd tell them straight away.
Icky: Not your own mam - You're already on probation. If she reported you for that, you'd get put away.
Billy: Yeah - she'd still tell em. She hates me.
Icky: She doesn't.
Billy: She does you know.
Icky: Why?
Billy: If I had a kid like me I'd hate him.
Icky: Has she always hated you?

Billy: When I was a kid - she liked me then. I remember once we went to New Brighton. I fell in the water with all me clothes on. I thought she'd kill me. She just wrapped me up in this big towel and dried me off. She must have liked me then...

As the boys continue over the mountain they discover a birds nest full of hungry chicks. They carefully feed the birds one of their Mars Bars. A group of cub scouts come over the mountain singing. The scout master directs them to the campsite, but as they walk off he discovers the now dead chicks, and yells at them for killing the birds.


It is pouring with rain and Billy and Icky have arrived at the location of the campsite to find it deserted. Icky is furious and they argue. Obstinately Billy decides they can build their own campsite and live there. Icky tries to build a fire but the matches and branches are wet. They give up.

They spot a farm house and climb into the barn loft but Icky is scared by the rats moving around in the hay. The boys light up and Icky in a panic over a rat drops his cigarette. Billy madly tries to stamp out the embers, and the commotion attracts Mrs Roberts from the house. She and her husband put them up for the night after reminiscing about two Liverpool boys they looked after during the War.

As they go to sleep Billy says: Hey, Don't you wish there was a war on?

Icky: What?
Billy: Nothin' - I'm goin to sleep.
Icky: Hey - She's alright though isn't she - you know what I mean? She didn't call the coppers did she. I wonder why?
Billy: Maybe it's like you said. She's alright. You know - nice.
Icky: I s'pose it could be that couldn't it.

Mrs Roberts decide to call the police. She has realised they are runaways.

When Billy wakes up in the morning he spots the police car approaching and the boys escape out the bathroom window just as the police arrive.

The boys are trying to hitch along the road when the police car approaches . As they hide in the roadside ditch one of the police relieves himself in the bushes - directly onto the hiding Icky. Billy hold back laughter as Icky cringes.

Once the police have driven off the two boys run wildly down to a nearby stream and Icky throws himself into the water, Billy laughing hysterically. A water fight ensues, interrupted by a 'country gentleman' with a gun, who demands they get off his land, and fires into the stream.

Drying off their clothes, Icky states: We can't live out here!... Jesus - everywhere we go we get ripped off - just like going on someone else's patch at home. You always have to leg it in the end.
Billy: Oh - we'll find somewhere.
Icky: They're gonna catch us you know. The coppers are gonna get us in the end.
Billy: I know they will.
Icky: Well?
Billy: Well I'm not gonna go back until they do.
Icky: We'd be home by tonight you know. It's alright round here if you're a cow or a woolly back. But it's not for us. We can't live out here - There's no shops.

Billy spots an abandoned house and they rush to investigate.
Billy: Hey - It's great Icky la! We could fix it up. Nobody'd know we were here. We could grow things. Hey we could live here!
Icky opens the front door and looks up, to see the silhouette of a man looking down at him from the top of the stairs.

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