In brief:
Billy and Icky meet Kidder, the owner of the seemingly abandoned house. At first he agrees to let the boys stay for the night, but Icky breaks all of Kidders plates by skimming them off the stream when he is supposed to be washing them. They set out to find replacement plates and steal them from a local house. When they return they find a group of locals graffitiing the house. They chase them off, and eventually Kidders agrees to let them stay. Billy is beaten up by the local gang, and Kidder discovers Icky is illiterate.

Memorable moments:
Icky skimming the plates on the water.
Kidder singing the boys a song


Kidder................................. James Hazeldine
Billy Rizley.......................... David Morrissey
Icky Higson.........................

Spencer Leigh

George............................... John Cording
Irene.................................. Susie Johns
Landlord............................. Trevor Griffiths
Tyson................................. Peter Doran
Griffiths.............................. Sion Tudor Owens
Owen................................. Sean Mathias



The boys discover the house they have found isn't empty after all. They ask Kidder for some food. Initially Kidder is suspicious and unwelcoming.

Icky: Are you a 'Ippy? Are ya?
Billy: You're a Hermit.
Icky: Kermit the 'Ermit. What ya cookin'? Give'us some.
Kidder: Why? Why should I give you some food?
Icky: We're starvin'. Go on - give us some grub Kermit.
Kidder: If you want some food from me don't you think you better cut out the insults?
Billy: He wasn't insulting you.
Icky: I only called you Kermit!
Billy: We don't know what your name is do we.
Kidder: Kidder.
Icky: Kidder? That's a soft name isn't it?!
Kidder: What's your name then?
Icky: Icky!
(The ice is broken as Billy and Kidder look at each other and break into laughter.)
Icky: What'ya laughin' at? What's he laughing at me for?

The boys get a feed of curry from Kidder. Icky: "I love curry, If I lived in China I'd eat it all the time."

Icky is left to clean the plates in the stream, while Billy tries to convince Kidder to let them stay. After skimming some stones off the water, Icky moves on to the plates, and they all end up broken or at the bottom of the stream.

Eventually Billy convinces a reluctant Kidder to let them stay for that night, but when he goes to tell Icky he discovers all the plates are gone.

Billy: What are you doin'?
Icky: What?
Billy: Where are all the plates?
Icky: Ah - they were no good anyway - they all had cracks in 'em.
Billy: Have you lobbed them?
Icky: Come on - lets piss off before he finds out.

When Kidder arrives he chases Icky around the house, but when he catches him Billy confronts Kidder with the knife and tells him to leave Icky alone.

Kidder: What did you think I was going to do?
Billy: I know what you were goin' to do - you were gonna hurt him.
Kidder: No.
Billy: No - not now.
Kidder: I was gonna give him a ducking in't river. After all they were my plates - cracked or otherwise.

Billy realises his mistake and the boys run off. Billy decides the only way to make it better is to find Kidder some new plates.


Kidder goes into the village, while in the meantime the boys are hunting for plates. Kidder is harassed in the pub by some local hoons.

The boys haven't been able to find any shops and are walking back to Kidder's house in defeat, but then spot some plates stacked on the sink in a kitchen window. Icky grabs them and the boys run off. They are spotted by the owners George and Irene who try to chase them but they get away.

The boys get back to the house to find it being vandalised by the men that we saw harassing Kidder earlier in town. After a scuffle Billy chases them off with the knife.

Icky explores the empty house, and finds a wad of cash which he takes down to show Billy. Icky wants to steal the money and go to the fair in Rhyl, but Billy tells him to put it back.

When Kidder comes back he thinks the boys have caused the damage. They tell Kidder about the vandals, and Icky brings out the plates that they've 'bought'. Kidder apologises for doubting them.

Kidder takes the boys to the stream and cleans up Billy's hand that he hurt in the fight with the gang. Icky complains that he was hurt as well. Kidder examines Icky's ankle, and jokingly tells Billy to get a saw, as they will need to amputate.

Kidder tells the boys to put their feet in the water
Billy: All these fish'll be dead when they smell his feet!"
Icky splashes the others and Kidder objects.
Kidder: "Hey, What ya doin'!",
Icky: "Just havin a laugh."
Kidder: "How do you fancy doin' a bit of work, for a laugh?"


Icky is lying, apparently asleep against a pile of logs next to a saw horse.
Kidder: What ya doin'?
Icky: Nuthin
Kidder: Exactly. I thought you were going to carry on with this.
Icky: I couldn't do it without you here, could I.
Kidder:Why not?
Icky: Don't be soft. It's a two handed saw isn't it.

They start to saw, but aren't making much headway. After a while Kidder stops in exasperation, and Icky looks back at him innocently.

Kidder: Haven't you been pulling?
Icky: No, it's easier if I push
Kidder: It's easier if I pu.. (imitating Icky) Of course it's easier if you push, because I've been bloody pulling!
Icky: Alright, alright don't shout at me. I'm not a friggin' lumberjack!

The three gather on the porch for a cup of tea and Kidder questions them about what they're running away from. Billy asks again to stay at the house. George drives up and the boys hide in the house. Kidder learns that the boys have stolen the plates and he forces them to come out and gives the plates back.
Kidder: What do you say to George?
Icky: What?
Kidder: What do you say to George?!
Icky: Hello George. (Billy elbows him in the ribs)

Kidder agrees for them to stay, but takes the knife away from Billy.

That night they drink home made wine, and Kidder sings to the boys. (mp3 of Kidder's song)
As Icky starts to demonstrate what he classes as proper singing, by giving a rendition of House of Fun, Billy goes outside. He is playing the harmonica Kidder has given him when the Welsh gang surround him and beat him up.

The next morning Kidder tells Billy he wants them to write letters home to say they are ok. Later that night the boys sit around the table writing the letters. Icky is delaying
Kidder: Are you writing a novel Icky, you've been doing it for half an hour.
Silence from Icky.
Kidder: What's up?
Icky: Nothin
Kidder: What have you written?
Kidder tries to look at Icky's paper but he snatches it away.
Icky: It's private.
Kidder: Let's have a look.
Icky slowly lowers the paper to the table to reveal a blank page.
Icky: I couldn't think what to put.

Kidder asks Icky to read to him from a book, but Billy jumps to his defence and says that he will do his reading and writing for him. Billy tells Kidder the teachers said Icky couldn't learn to read. Kidder tells Icky if he is staying the least he can do is try to learn.
Icky: I'm goin home. Are you coming?
Icky stares at Billy waiting for him to follow but he doesn't.
Icky: Come on lets go. Come on.
Billy doesn't react and Icky leaves.

Billy: Why couldn't you just leave him alone. You, you!
Kidder: You just listen to me Mr Billy bright-spark. If you think you're going to be living like this in peace and bleeding comfort for the rest of your days you're daft. Daft lad. One day the coppers are gonna pick you off. And when they find you they'll have you whisked away before you can fuckin whistle Billy Rizley. You and 'Im need every chance you can get, and if he can't read it's one less chance he's got. Now if you're really his mate just get yourself up there and fetch him back.

Billy leaves to find Icky.


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