In brief:
After arguing with Billy, Icky returns to Liverpool. Billy and Jo's romance blossoms. Rabbit and the gang find themselves caught in an ambush by the Swanjacks gang, and Rabbit stabs one of the boys. Icky abandons the gang in Liverpool and tries to drive back to Wales, but in his flight back, he is chased by a police car for evading the freeway toll, and tragedy occurs. Back in Wales Billy is shocked to learn why Kidder has become a recluse, but when the police arrive to take Billy back to Liverpool, Billy comes back to defend Kidder.

Memorable moments:
Icky in the car with "House of Fun" on the radio
Billy and Jo making love by the stream
Billy being driven away


Kidder................................. James Hazeldine
Billy Rizley.......................... David Morrissey
Icky Higson.........................

Spencer Leigh

Jo...................................... Jane West
Dickson.............................. Michael Hughes
Liverpool Cop ................... Ken Sharrock
Kid 1.................................. John Shackley
Joey................................... Richard Burke
Swanjack Leader................. Jon Paul Morgan
Swanjack Knifer ................. Paul Codman

Ian Davies (aka Ian Hart)

Collins................................ Michael Lannigan
Terry................................... Matthew Grey


Billy and Icky sit on the steps of the caravan near the river talking.

Billy: Do you ever think about the future?
Icky: Yeah.
Billy: About what'll happen to ya?
Icky: Yeah.
Billy: And what do you see?
Icky: It's like how I imagine it. It's smacker isn't it. Like when I see myself I'm always driving this ace number one bleeding perfect car. And I'm king round our way. And I'm driving through our streets, and the radio's playing dead good music. I'm smoking this big fat cigar. I can see all the houses and places I used to go. But I don't live there any more. And I'm in this car, and the electric windows are shut dead tight. The carpet's three inches thick under me feet. And no-one can touch me. No-one can even get near me. Even the coppers have just got to stand back when I come through…… I'd give you a lift though!
Billy: Ta. I wouldn't need a lift though will I.
Icky: Why?
Billy: I won't be there.
Icky: Where will you be?
Billy: I'll be out here. Living out here with me wife, and me kids.
Icky: Your What?! Your wife? Jesus, who's gonna marry you?
Billy: Someone.
Icky: I know, I know! That tart! She wouldn't marry somebody like you.
Billy: And how do you know?
Icky: Sod off………. You've gone dead soft since we've come out here haven't you?
Billy: No.
Icky: Yes yer have. You're dead matey with Kidder aren't ya.
Billy: What's wrong with that?
Icky: Nothin'
Billy: You're mates with him too aren't ya? Aren't ya?
Icky: He's alright. …… I've always gone round with you haven't I?
Billy: Yeah - I'm your mate.
Icky: You've always been me best mate.
Billy: Yeah, And you've always been mine.
Icky: You know once. With Louie and Rabbit and that lot ay. We're saying who we'd most like to be in the world. And you know they all said footballers and singers. When it come to my turn, I told them if I could be anyone else in the world, I'd be Kenny Dalglish. But I was lying. Because if I could be anyone else in the world. I'd be you..................... But sometimes I fucking hate you Billy.

Icky gets up and starts to walk away.

Billy: (confused) Icky? Icky? Come on…

Icky: Fuck off.

Billy is at a loss and doesn't know what to do. Later as the boys clean the kitchen Billy tries to talk to Icky about what is wrong, and Icky announces he is going back to Liverpool.

Jo invites Billy to go swimming.


Icky meets up with the Liverpool gang and steals a car to take them to the Southport fair.

Billy and Jo are at the river, and Billy is embarrassed as Jo undresses.

Jo: You can look you know. I am you your girlfriend.
Billy: Shodop!
Jo: Shodop?

They kiss on the jetty and as they embrace they topple into the water and frolic around.

The Liverpool boys continuously make fun of Icky, and eventually when they plan to confront a group of Swanjack lads at the fair Icky decided that he's sick of them, and abandons them to find a car to drive back to Wales.

The boys chase the Swanjack lads into a side alley, and they are ambushed by the entire Swanjack gang. Rabbit pulls out the knife, and in the scuffle stabs one of the boys. They all run away terrified at what has happened and encounter Icky as he is driving away. The boys pile into the car, but as soon as Icky realises what has happen he forces them out. Locking the doors and winding up the windows, he drives away.

Icky realises he doesn't have any change when he reaches a toll gate, and instead breaks off the round medallion on the dashboard of the car and hands that to the toll collector. The toll collector runs to tell the adjacent police unit, and Icky is quickly being chased by a police car. Icky turns on the radio and finds Madness' "House Of Fun". Evading a road block the car rams through a display full of eggs, and into the side of a truck. The car goes up in flames.


Things seem idyllic back in Wales. Billy has just returned from collecting potatoes from the garden when Kidder spots the local policeman arriving. Billy hides as Kidder goes to the door.

Policeman: Your um.. Your Nephew. Visiting at the moment is he?
Kidder: No. Not at the moment.
Policeman: Your brother's child is he?
Kidder: Yeah.
Policeman: Oh. Must be a very liberal man your brother.
Kidder: What?
Policeman: Liberal indeed. Allowing his child to spend time with you.
Kidder: Unless you've got a reason to be here, will you just get off my land.
Policeman: Oh, but I have got a reason Mr. Kitson. You see you're on my patch. And I like to know what's happening on my patch. I like to now who has and who hasn't got a record. You have a conviction don't you.
*Billy reacts in amused surprise hidden behind the stairs*
Policeman: For offences of a homosexual nature involving a child.
*we see both Kidder and Billy's faces change to looks of despair*
Policeman: Haven't you Ay?
Kidder: No. I was convicted of being in love with an 18 year old who was equally in love with me.
Policeman: This 18 year old was a pupil of yours I believe?
Kidder: Yeah
Policeman: In your charge. And now there is an order of the court restraining you from working with children. Isn't there?
Kidder: Listen. It was a love affair right? Right? A love affair. I've done time for it. I'm no longer allowed to do my job because of it. I moved here because of it. I even have to talk to half-witted shits like you because of it.
Policeman: Don't you bloody well dare. If there's been young boys on these premises…
Kidder: Listen you stup…. I don't go round procuring kids. Do you do it, ay? If you're in love with a woman does that mean you go round molesting little girls?
Policeman: You dirty…

Billy is back in the bedroom tearing up the book Kidder has given him.

Policeman: Nephews huh? Is this one of your nephews? (he shows Kidder a photo of Icky in school uniform)
Kidder: Never seen him before.
Policeman: Well I think you have. And I think his mate is still here.
(We see Billy running from the house)
And I'm going to find him see.
Kidder: You're round the bend. I've told you I've never seen that kid before.
Policeman: Well maybe that's as well. He's dead see. Car job, you know? They couldn't get him out in time.
Kidder: So? What ya telling me for?

Kidder goes back into the house and realises Billy is gone. He runs out of the house and intersects Billy as he is running past the stream. He breaks the news of Icky's death, and Billy accuses him of killing him, of sending him away so that he could have Billy all to himself.

Billy arrives at the stream where Jo is rinsing her clothes. He tells her about Kidder, and Icky. She comforts him, and tries to convince him it's not Kidder's fault. They make love next to the stream.

We see the Liverpool cops arrive at the local police station, as Billy and Jo make their way back from the stream. Billy asks Jo to marry him. She reminds him she is going back to college the next week.

Kidder is alone at the house, as Billy collects his things from the caravan - including Icky's copy of the picture book. He turns back towards the house as the police and burst in on Kidder. The Liverpool cop threatens Kidder and starts to beat him to find out where Billy is. Billy is torn as to whether to run away or go inside, but finally he goes back into the house and walks into the room with a knife held to his own throat.

Billy: Leave him! I said leave him. Stay where you are. Now listen to me - he didn't touch me alright? Kidder didn't do anything to me. He just looked after me. Now you leave him alone.
Liverpool Cop: Alright. It's you we want Billy. So why don't you just put that down, get in the car with us, and we'll take you home.
Crouching on the floor Kidder pants out a single "Billy"
Billy: I'll see ya Kidder. I'm sorry. It doesn't matter about you being the way you are ya know. They're just try'na frighten ya. But they've got nothin' on ya so they can't touch ya.
Liverpool Cop: Ok Let's go home ay Billy.
Billy: Home!

The police grab him and drag him out the door.
Billy: I'll see'ya Kidder. Don't worry about me...

As the police drag Billy to the car, Kidder struggles out the door and he watches as the car drives away.


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