David Morrissey and Spencer Leigh
Publicity release from Yorkshire Television Enterprises 1983

For David Morrissey and Spencer Leigh, who play the two main characters Billy and Icky, One Summer is a television debut.

Both boys were born and bred in Liverpool and involved in the city's thriving Everyman Youth Theatre when Yorkshire television discovered them.

"It was a difficult job getting the right boys", explained producer Keith Richardson. "We saw well over 200 lads before making what turned out to be a very successful decision".

DAVID MORRISSEY (19) is the youngest in a family of three sons and a daughter, none of whom are involved in the theatre.

His thoughts turned to acting for a living when he began taking starring roles in his school's end-of-year productions.

It was after leaving school that he became involved with the Everyman Youth Theatre.

SPENCER LEIGH (20) comes from a musical family - his father plays the violin and his aunt is often heard in light opera radio broadcasts.

Though his school offered little or no drama, Spencer became interested in the theatre and joined Everyman soon after it opened. It was after appearing in Alan Bleasdale's "No More Sitting on the Old School Bench" in 1977 that he decided to enrol full-time at a Liverpool drama college.

He and David Morrissey had met briefly at Everyman, but became good friends while working on One Summer.

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