By Patricia Smyllie

A behind-the-scenes cloud of discontent has overshadowed a new Yorkshire TV series.

The row involved producer Keith Richardson and Willy Russell who wrote One Summer (C4, 9.15)

Russell has refused permission for his name to appear on the credits of the five-part series which starts tomorrow.

The dispute is over the auditioning for the leading lads.

Richardson, who was responsible for the award winning Harry's Game, chose the actors without consulting Russell.

He saw about forty possibles and selected Spencer Leigh, 19, and David Morrissey, 18.

Russell, creator of the smash hit play and film Educating Rita, wanted hundreds of 15-year-olds auditioned. He claimed that some of the sense of tragedy is lost.

Richardson said: "I had no idea Willy Russell was unhappy with the series. He was busy last summer when we were making it and didn't get involved.

"I assumed he didn't want to. Suddenly, he phoned to say things hadn't turned out as he had envisaged."

"I was surprised. But I'm happy with the results"

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