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One Summer



6th July 2006

A new detailed page on One Summer has been added to Willy Russell's website, and is worth checking out: www.willyrussell.com/onesummer.html (It looks like the plan for a film version is still on!)

4th June 2006

I'm aware that I haven't updated the site for a while, and the odd email from visitors has made me guilty enough to make me pop back and record a bit of a sign-off.

I never dreamed when I started this website that it would bring together so many people, lead me to meet a lot of the people involved in One Summer, and ultimately the production a great DVD. None of that would have happened but for the tremendous support from visitors to the site, and other fans of 'One Summer'.

Now that that's done I feel that the project has come to a natural conclusion for me, and I'm happy to leave the site as it is. Of course if you have something to say, or just want to have a chat feel free to email, post on the guestbook etc etc!

And you can also visit me at my latest internet venture! www.tv83.net/photographicmemories

10th February 2006

Time for a chat:

The time: Thursday the 23rd February at 8.00pm (UK time*) 
The place: http://www.chatzy.com/552544974276 (password: billy).
Put it in your diaries!
*that's 3.00pm (New York), 7.00am Friday (Sydney)

23rd January 2006

Well it's the 23rd here in Australia at least, and the official release date of One Summer. For those lucky enough to receive advanced shipments, you will be watching as I type, for the rest, it should only be a few days to wait!

My copy arrived on the doorstep this afternoon, but I won't comment yet, so not to make everyone else jealous! (And besides, I haven't had time to watch it yet...)

In other unrelated matters, I decided it was probably time to retire the 'New Year' cheer, so the front page picture has gone back to normal. 2005's Christmas pic by David B is archived here. (Inspired as always)

22th December 2005

Mailout sent yesterday announcing confirmed extras. Note that AOL users emails have to be removed for the distribution list due to AOL's rather extreme spam policies. Please supply a non-AOL address if you are one of those affected.

The release date for the DVD has been delayed a week and is now due on the 23rd January. (Small price to pay for all those extras!)

17th December 2005

Great news from Tim Beddows, the Managing Director at Network DVD. He has confirmed the following features on the upcoming DVD:

- All 5 episodes, complete and uncut
- Commentary on episode 1 with David Morrissey, Spencer Leigh and Ian Hart
- Commentary on episode 3 with David Morrissey and Spencer Leigh
'One Summer' featurette featuring new interviews with David Morrissey,   Spencer Leigh, Ian Hart and producer Keith Richardson
Music suite on episodes 1 and 5 comprising Alan Parker's entire original   music score for the series

And here is a snapshop of 'the boys' taking a break from recording commentaries for the DVD yesterday:

David Morrissey, Spencer Leigh & Ian Hart 16/12/05

4th November 2005
Sent out an email to all newsletter subscribers (wow - there's more than 400 of you now!) with a quick heads up on the DVD. You can also check out the details on the Network DVD site here.

2nd November 2005
I've been contacted by several people to point out the series is now appearing for preorder on some sites. If you would like to support the costs of running this site, you can preorder from Amazon using this affiliates link: One Summer at Amazon.co.uk

24th August 2005
Bugger! Sorry - I got the date mixed up for the chat (time zone confusion) - I actually meant Thursday 25th! But for those planning to come on Wednesday that's fine too. I'll be around both days - just a bit later on the Wednesday.

13th August 2005
Newsletter sent out - Didn't get it? Make sure you're on the mailing list.

A webchat is planned for the 24th August at 8.30pm UK time here:
http://www.chatzy.com/552544974276 .password: 'billy'. Hope to see you there!

5th August 2005
One Summer has appeared on the Network DVD releases list here! No release date yet, but watch this space! Also a bunch of updates on the locations page - make sure to check out the extra detail page on Kidder's cottage.

15th May 2005
Received some great new posts on the guestbook over the last month or so - particularly from those involved in the show.

Especially exciting was the lovely email I received from Terry Meadowcroft (sound assistant/boom) and an offer to revisit the location where Kidder's house was filmed. What followed was some wonderful emails, each containing a new delight in the form of how 'Kidder's house' looks today, as well as some photos prior to the filming that the owners of the property kindly offered him. There are still some photos to come of the filming. A really huge thank you to Terry, and the Liddle family! Terry, like everyone I've spoken to involved in the production, expressed a great love of the production. The new photos of Kidder's house are now on the locations page. More to come!!

14th April 2005
Exciting news from www.willyrussell.com.
Quoting from the site:
13th April ONE SUMMER WillyRussell.com is delighted to be able to announce that after negotiations, WR Ltd has reached agreement with Granada Media concerning the DVD/Videogram rights in ONE SUMMER . Granada Media is now free to release the title in this format. We will have more on this and other news in our next Newsletter which is due soon.

This news is tremendous. I would like to extend my thanks to Willy Russell for his efforts in this, and to Paul at willyrussell.com. Also to all the fans who have made their voices heard over the last two years! I will post more news as it arrives.

18th December 2004
Thanks to David B. for the Christmas themed front page graphic*. A clip of that classic scene at the bus stop is here (4mb) For those who didn't see it last year - this was 2003's effort. * nb. 2004 has been archived here

11th December 2004
Well it's a bumper crop of additions this week, so here's a bit of a list.

Firstly - the collection of photos David Morrissey gave me when I met with him in September. These include - the missing page from Kidders picture book is now in it's rightful place. Also, a few interesting new images. The original mugshot of Billy used in the scene when the Liverpool cop meets the Welsh cop, and a few publicity photos here and here. These will all been added to the slideshow on the pictures page soon.

Additionally there are a lot of new press articles in the Press Clippings section, most of which I gathered from the Liverpool City Library, though there's also a new one in there that Spencer Leigh gave me a while ago that I temporarily forgot about! They are fascinating reading.

Finally, I visited a couple of the location where One Summer was shot around Bala while I was staying in Wales, and have also been sent quite a number of photos of other shooting locations lately (particular thanks to Howard there) so have created a whole new section for us complete sad-cases specially dedicated to this aspect. I'm still working on this section, so come back in another or so week and I should have finished it off.

In order to make room for the Locations section on the menu I've merged together Cast & Crew.

These updates have been a bit messy, so do please let me know if you notice any broken links!

5th December 2004
Okay - so I lied about when I'd get those updates done! I'm working on them now, honest. Give me another week...

In the meantime, here's a new interview with Willy Russell, that includes a brief mention of One Summer towards the end. em-online.co.uk . Also at www.edinburghfestivals.co.uk/

17th November 2004
I have returned back home to Australia from a 5 month stay in the UK. While there I took the opportunity to collect a whole bunch more press clippings about the series, and also met up with David Morrissey, who kindly gave me copies of some of his personal photos from the series. I will be adding some of this to the site within the next week.

25th September 2004
I have now added a bunch of new press clippings to the pressclippings page, kindly sent to me by a site visitor David. They show an interesting mix of opinions on the series. More still to come!

I have just realised that the photo slide show has been broken since I changed servers several months ago. It's fixed now - please let me know if you find any other broken links.

11th September 2004
Have been sent a fascinating article published in Time Out Magazine of 4-10 August 1983. There are many more from the same source that I will receive soon, so won't update the press page until I do. However this is a particularly interesting read, and contains some new insight into Willy Russell's objections to the series.

JPEG version
Text version

29th August 2004
Fixed a couple of bad links - mp3 of the theme, and Icky's house video.
Updated locations details in info section.

Just returned from a short trip around North Wales - where I visited a few of the shooting locations for One Summer. The village of Llangynog was used for filming the tractor chase scene, and Llanrhaeadr-yr-Mochnant for the village markets, and the pub where Kidder is bullied by the local gang.

Llangynog - The New Inn (scene of tractor chase) ( as it was )
Llanrhaeadr-yr-Mochnant - The Plough Inn (Kidder's pub) ( as it was )
Llanrhaeadr-yr-Mochnant - site of Kidder's stall ( as it was )
Llanrhaeadr-yr-Mochnant - across the road from The Plough ( as it was )

Will post more when I get the chance. Many thanks to all the helpful locals who were more than keen to point out spots and reminisce about the filming.

25th May 2004
I am traveling overseas to the UK for some time so updates to the website may be quite limited for a while.

1st May 2004
I came across this site as I was browsing around the other day. A Liverpool band who have named themselves after the series. The base player Billy tells me they have just finished recording their first full length album.

Ed sent me an email last week asking me to confirm if this was 'Icky's House'. And indeed it is! It has had a lick of paint and some glass fitted since the filming though! I for one certainly had no idea it was a bus shelter. For those that don't remember it - here is the scene in question - 3mb (right click & save) Does anyone else have interesting photos of One Summer shooting locations? Please send them in!

4th April 2004
Added a link to an extensive interview with David Morrissey on the BFI site, which followed a screening of Passerby. In this part of the interview he talks about One Summer: David Morrissey at the National Film Theatre.

Also added a section to the info page here for other viewing recommendations - based on the input of visitors to the site, and previous chat discussions. I haven't seen all of these myself so discretion is advised. If you have copies of any of those listed as unavailable I'd be interested in hearing from you.

2nd April 2004
I just noticed that episode 1 of One Summer is available for viewing at the National Museum of Photography Film & Television in Bradford as part of their TV Heaven collection.

"Settle down in front of the box and browse through the best and worst of British television. Comedies, children's shows, soaps, memorable dramas and award-winning documentaries, indeed over 650 programmes can be viewed free of charge in this unique gallery. "

31st Mar 2004
I was sent a copy of a recent newsletter from the willyrussell.com site. It included a Q&A with Willy Russell and one of the questions was about One Summer (and this site):

PC: There is a great site dedicated to ONE SUMMER. The tv series seems to have left an indelible mark on those that watched it in the 80s, and those that have emailed the web-site are a little non-plussed by the glitch with its proposed release last year. I know you have long-term plans for ONE SUMMER - How are things progressing?

WR: I don't really want to go into any kind of detail at this stage. I do think the 'One Summer' site is excellent (even when it's slagging me off!) And I'm glad that the series was so meaningful for so many.

Not a lot to go on - still at least it's recognition we are out here! Hopefully we will hear more soon.

17th Mar 2004
*DRUMROLL* - yep I've finally added full transcript details of my interviews with David Morrissey and Spencer Leigh, as well as details from the chat I had with Jane West last month. I hope you enjoy reading them - they were all fascinating to talk to - so thanks again to all three! I'd love to get any reactions - so feel free to post to the guestbook or messageboard. Thanks for being so patient.

11th Feb 2004
Had a very pleasant phone chat with Jane West (Jo) today. She had some very funny stories about the shoot - particularly her filming of the love scene with David Morrissey. Update to come.

4th Feb 2004
Added some links to David Morrissey's entry for sites on the BBC drama series State of Play, which will be screening in Australia on the ABC from the 7th March.

28th Jan 2004
Added Peter Kindred (Production Designer) to the Crew page.

14th Jan 2004
To future proof the site a bit and give more room to expand I have set up a new domain and host for the One Summer site. The new site address is : www.one-summer.tv83.net . Please change any bookmarks you have to this new address. The two sites are identical, and for now the content will remain at www.members.optusnet.com.au/one_summer - but I will be changing those pages to redirects over the coming month.

24th Dec 2003
Got this very cute Christmas card today. Thank you David (you know which one you are...)

Also received the sad news that Ken Sharrock - who played the Liverpool cop died last month. Liverpool Echo article.

20th Dec 2003
A few major additions to the site today. I've added some highlights from my interviews with Spencer Leigh and David Morrissey. A very big thank you again to Spencer and David for being so generous with their time.

I've also added in the scan of the picture book (which Kidder gave the boys in episode 4) that Spencer kindly lent me - it is accessible from the 'images' page. There are a couple of other new pictures there too.

In order to make room for the new content I've done a rejig of the menu. There is now an 'interviews' tab and the email tab is gone. (my email can be found at the top of the FAQ page) I've also made quite a few changes to other pages - so have another look around and you might find something new.

Thoughts, comments? Put them on the messageboard!

11th Dec 2003
A friend has just returned from New York with a bunch of stuff Spencer Leigh kindly lent him to photocopy - including a couple of cool photos, and a copy of one of the original picture books that Kidder gives the boys. I will post the picture book up once I've scanned all the pages in. Thanks Spencer, and Thanks Jon!

27th Nov 2003
* The site is one year old today... whoo-hoo!*

Paul from the willyrussell.com site sent me a link to a fascinating interview excerpt with Willy Russell which he has just added to the site. Willy Russell talks about his experiences as a student teacher in Liverpool trying to get through to an uncontrollable class by telling them a story of two Liverpool boys that try to run away to Wales.... The life experiences and inspiration for Our Day Out and One Summer are very apparent.


20th Nov 2003
Held a phone interview with David Morrissey. David was very generous with his time, and had a lot of interesting insights and memories of the production. Transcript to come...

Congratulations to Woollyback - a baby girl today!

14th Nov 2003
Webchat #3. And I got to play Mastermind this time! Thanks Woollyback!

31st Oct 2003
I have received confirmation from Granada Media that the release of One Summer on DVD/Video is not going ahead. I am told that Willy Russell is looking at a possible movie version, so has decided not to allow this version to be released for the time being. This is very disappointing as I know that a lot of people were really looking forward to this. I also know that Network Video were looking forward to releasing the series. I have written to Willy Russell asking if he can give a further explanation to fans.

Also - for these who have been waiting for the update on my interviews with Spencer Leigh - I am hoping to post them up soon, but am waiting until Spencer has some free time to go over some of the details with me. I am also hoping to be able to interview David Morrissey (and possibly Ian Hart) soon.

I will be sending out an email to the mailinglist soon.

Made some changes and additions to the FAQ page.

25th Oct 2003
Updated the bios on the main cast page.

18th Oct 2003
Added a link to Dave May's article Liverpool - The City on the Screen, which has a few paragraphs about 'One Summer'. Added a bit about the show playing on the pub TV Miri Mawr (thanks to David B) in the FAQ.

8th Oct 2003
Held a second interview with Spencer Leigh.

30th Sept 2003
Held a phone interview with Spencer Leigh (Icky) today. I will post up a transcription in the next week or so. We primarily discussed his career since settling in the US in 1991. He now works as a freelance documentary producer/director, but until recently was primarily directing TV commercials. I hope to be talking to Spencer more about his experiences filming One Summer in the next few weeks.

28th Sept 2003
Added an image slideshow for Spencer Leigh.

25th Sept 2003
Had a short phone conversation with Spencer Leigh today. Spencer is living in New York working as a director. He had several interesting stories to tell about people who have recognised him as 'Icky' - such as the Gallagher brothers on an Oasis music video shoot being blown away to be working with their hero :-) He has fond memories of working on the series, and was happy to chat - I've lined up to do a full interview with him on Monday. Stay tuned.

22nd Sept 2003
An email from the composer Alan Parker arrived yesterday. His comments in response to some questions from Greg:

I initially got involved through the director, Gordon Flemyng. I had various talks with him, and started working on an idea for the theme. My relationship with Gordon was such that he 90% left me to compose the score, and would hear it when I had finished.
The idea to use harmonica was mine. The player was Paul Jones (Manfred Mann).
I composed the score on guitar, the acoustic guitar was a Martin, and the electric was a Telecaster.
I was very happy with the score. Apart from the harmonica I played all of the instruments. The score was recorded at my home studio.

20th Sept 2003
Paul emailed me to let me know about the launch of the new Willy Russell site - www.willyrussell.com. Check it out.

19th Sept 2003
I got an email from Spencer Leigh today, and am looking forward to getting his memories of working on One Summer, and his career since then.

14th Sept 2003
I have added a message board forum to the site. I'll see how popular this is and if it gets a bit of use will leave it up permanently. In order to fit this into the menu I've changed the layout a bit and added buttons - let me know if anyone has any problems loading these.

10th September 2003
I notice we got our first post from Taiwan on the Guestbook - it's becoming very international around here - England Scotland & Wales (wasn't it shown in Ireland?), Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, and now Taiwan! (As well as ex-pats now in the USA and Japan.)

1st September 2003
Got an email from David Morrissey in reply to my invite to join the anniversary chat session - he didn't get the letter in time though. He did say that One Summer was a wonderful time for him, and that it's still the one thing people come up to him in the street and talk about. He was happy to hear about the planned DVD release. I'm hoping to arrange an interview with him once he has finished filming his latest TV drama.

10th August 2003
The webchat was great fun. The hot weather outside meant that people arrived in dribs and drabs (everyone went out for icecream?), which meant there was chatting of one kind or another going on 6 hours! Ah - no wonder I feel tired! Next time I'll make it for a rainy day. (I hear it was the hottest day on record in London!!)

9th August 2003

Webchat held using chatzy.com to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series.

17th July 2003

Sent a follow up letter to Granada and received a reply confirmed that the DVD release with Network Video is still on track, and that is is likely to be released sometime this year, though no exact release date as yet.
I've been popping into the chat room quite frequently and it looks like it will be popular, as I've seen about 17 of you testing it out already. Don't forget it's scheduled for Saturday 9th August 11am GMT - email me if you need the address and password.

13th July 2003

Various modifications to the site over the last couple of weeks. I can't resist experimenting, so have added a number of probably unnecessary bells and whistles. Most useful I think is the site search box which is now located at the bottom on the home page, and on the info page. It really does work extremely well to search across the site and is a lot more accurate and gives better results that Google or any of the search engines.

Bravenet the service provider I was using for both guestbook and Hit Counter went crazy last week and have redesigned all their services - hence I've ditched the hit counter part as it suddenly turned into large ugly box ads for their service. The guestbook is still ok though, and in fact looks a little nicer.

27th June 2003

New header design with graphic of the Welsh hillside implemented.

25th June 2003

Various updates to the site, including the addition of photo slideshows on the screenshots page, and for David Morrissey . Also playing around with an alternate home page. See here: http://www.members.optushome.com.au/one_summer/index2.htm

Please give me your feedback if you can't get the slideshows to work.

Received a follow up letter from Keith Richardson, who confirmed that Granada are in the process of negotiating a DVD release. He included some publicity material from the ITV broadcast. The colour flyer is included on the images slideshow.

17th June 2003

Daniel has set up a Google Group for the series, where you can discuss the show with other fans.

It is located here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/onesummer/

16th June 2003

The latest news is that a fan of the show has received the most promising response yet from Granada about a possible DVD release of the series.

On the 16th of June this was the email that Dan received:

Hi Daniel,
Your message has been passed to me
Granada Video is looking at releasing this title through Network Video.
Discussions need to take place with Willy Russell before any action is taken - it is currently with our rights dept as they are seeking clearance.
Please feel free to contact me in 2 months as I should have a clearer indication of developments

This follows several previous emails that mentioned that negotiations were occurring, but did not give any specifics. While it is early days yet, it is very encouraging to see that Granada are seriously pursuing this.

15th June 2003

Updates to the website have been pretty erratic, but I've finally finished off the synopsis section, screenshots, and have added broadcast dates (if anyone has any further info for this let me know).
Over the last 6 months I've been making contact with a variety of people about the series, and I have received a couple of interesting letters in reply:
. One was from Willy Russell which I received back at the beginning of April. The exciting news is that he said in his letter he would not block a release if Granada chose to pursue a video or DVD release. This contradicts the advice a lot of you have received from Granada, so I've emailed them to make them aware of the situation.
. I also got a nice letter last month from Keith Richardson, the producer of One Summer:
"I was delighted to note that the programme made such a good and lasting impression on you and many others judging by the website. ....it is a piece of which I am particularly proud and one which still brings back many good memories" He went on to say that he'd been contacted that week by David Morrissey asking for a copy of the series to show his kids!
. A lot of you have received the standard reply from Granada saying that the series cannot be released due to a clause in the contract, and that they are abiding by the wishes of Willy Russell. There have been only two replies so far that differ from this - one  just a couple of weeks ago saying that though there were no current plans for a video/DVD release, but that negotiations were currently taking place. I myself received a brief email a couple of weeks ago saying that my information regarding Willy Russell had been passed on to the London sales office for further consideration.
The 20th anniversary of the show is less than a month away (yes - I know we are all shuddering in disbelief). As it's obvious that the most appropriate thing - a DVD release - isn't going to happen any time really soon, what else can we do to mark the occasion?