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One Summer

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David Morrissey as Billy


David Morrissey was born in 1963 in Liverpool. He attended the local Everyman Youth Theatre, and went on to train at RADA. One Summer was David Morrissey's screen debut. David was 17 when cast in the role of Billy, and celebrated his 18th birthday during filming.

He has had a very successful career on stage and screen in the UK including the films Drowning by Numbers, Hilary & Jackie; critically acclaimed TV dramas Holding On, Our Mutual Friend, State of Play, The Deal, and Blackpool; as well as a foray into the US market in Captain Corelli's Mandolin, and currently filming the sequel to Basic Instinct along side Sharon Stone. He also directs for film and TV - including the BBC drama 'Passer By' starring James Nesbitt.

David Morrissey promoting Born Romantic (2000)

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Spencer Leigh as Icky


A native of Liverpool, Spencer Leigh also attended the Everyman Youth Theatre and later studied full time at a Liverpool Drama college. He was 20 when One Summer was broadcast, a year and a half after filming commenced.

He has appeared in a number of films but most notably several by director Derek Jarman including Caravaggio, The Last of England, Aria and The Garden. His TV appearances include the premiere episode of Inspector Morse as a troubled university student embroilled in a murder investigation.

In 1991 Spencer Leigh moved to the United States and worked with music video producer Jake Scott, then into directing TV commercials. Currently Spencer lives in New York and works as an independant producer/director.The 2003 Criterion DVD release of Derek Jarman's Jubilee includes an original documentary on Jarman directed by Spencer Leigh. Spencer is currently working with Criterion on documentary material for the Merchant Ivory Collection.

Spencer Leigh in Caravaggio (1986)

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James Hazeldine as Kidder


Born 4th April 1947, James Hazeldine died on 17th Dec 2002, aged 55. He was rehearsing for his role as Sigmund Freud in a new stage play, The Talking Cure, at the time.

Best know for playing Bayleaf in the firefighting drama London's Burning, a role he played continuously for seven years from the series inception in 1988 through to 1995. His other TV appearences included the popular sci-fi series The Omega Factor, and Chocky. James Hazeldine was also an accomplished and successful stage actor. He started his career in the theatre at the Victoria Theatre, Salford as a student A.S.M. then on to various repertory theatres in the North of England, eventually being cast in the Edward Bond season at the Royal Court Theatre in London. A bench is dedicated to his memory outside the National Theatre on the South Bank.

This site was in the final stages of development at the time of James Hazeldine's death, and is dedicated to his memory.

James Hazeldine in Adrian Mole - The Cappuccino Years (2001)

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Ian Hart as Rabbit (credited as Ian Davies)


Born 8 October 1964 in Liverpool. Also gaining his early acting experience at the Everyman Youth theatre, this was his debut screen appearance. Since then Ian Hart has had significant critical success in feature films, beginning with recognition for two separate portrayals of John Lennon in The Hours and the Times in 1991, and Backbeat in 1993. Other notable films include Michael Collins, The Butcher Boy and Liam. Ian has made a career of diversity and challenging character roles. From portraying Professor Quirrel in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 2000, to his most recent film Blind Flight, in which Ian Hart plays Ulsterman Brian Keenan in the dramatisation of the experiences of former hostages Keenan and McCarthy held captive in Lebanon during the late 1980s.

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Jane West as Jo









Jane West was born in Greywell England in 1959. She appeared in a number of British TV dramas before relocating to Califormia in 1986 with her six-year-old daughter. Jane is the author of 'The Lonesome Pine' a successful children's picture book, and is currently working on other writing projects including a pilot for a TV sitcom.

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