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Filmed: Beckwithshaw, Harrogate Yorkshire.

As it was in One Summer    

As it is now    

Where Billy was ambushed

Skimming the plates

Caravan location

Photos by: Terry Meadowcroft

In May 2005 Terry Meadowcroft revisited the location where he worked on the crew of One Summer to film the scenes around 'Kidder's House'. The owners, the Liddle's, kindly gave permission to feature their house on this site, and also provided some photos from the time of the shoot as well. Though the exterior was remarkably unchanged in 20 years, the interior had been modified substantially. Despite this Terry described the visit as 'remarkably emotional'.

High res wallpaper: Stream Stream 2


As it was pre-One Summer
(Note: Porch was added for the filming of One Summer!)

These photos were provided by the house owners - and were taken before filming of One Summer. It's clear why the location scout choose it to be 'Kidder's house', though I think it looked rather less run down in One Summer!


During filming


Test for grafitti (note addition of Icky!) For translation see FAQ

Cast & crew

The caravan

These photos were also provided by the house owners - and were taken during preparation and filming.




Living room

Central staircase

Front door

Kidder's room

Makeup (sp
are room upstairs)

Stairs up to


Back stairs


Floorplan and layout

David B has developed these stunning 3-D models of Kidder's house. Though his original motivation was to aid tracing the house, they have turned into works of art in their own right.
Avid fans hay have noticed that the layout of Kidder's house is actually quite unclear, but this floorplan reveals the true complexity of the house, including two staircases, three external doors and numerous unexpected nooks and crannies.

Having helped David in his study of the layout I'm blown away by how detailed and accurate he has made these!

Hopefully there will soon be a walk through version... :-)



Ground Floor (kitchen, lounge etc)

1st Floor (Billy & Icky's and Kidder's bedrooms)