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One Summer


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Creating this website has been a fun exercise, and I have been constantly thrilled at the interest and assistance I've received from so many people. If you would like to contact me about anything related to the website or the series you can email me at : admin@one-summer.tv83.net

Is One Summer available on DVD/Video

One Summer is now available on DVD, released by Network Video.
This special edition also include two commentaries, music suites and new interviews with David Morrissey, Spencer Leigh, Ian Hart and producer Keith Richardson.

If you want to support the cost of running this site, please consider ordering through this affiliate link: One Summer at Amazon.co.uk

How can I communicate with other fans?

When was it broadcast?

UK Channel 4 LWT (ITV) SelecTV (Cable)
ep.1 07 Aug 1983 (Sun 9pm) 21 Apr 1985 (Sun 10pm) ?? 1996
ep.2 14 Aug 1983 28 Apr 1985 ?? 1996
ep.3 21 Aug 1983 05 May 1985 ?? 1996
ep.4 28 Aug 1983 12 May 1985 ?? 1996
ep.5 04 Sep 1983 19 May 1985 ?? 1996

The series was broadcast once in Australia from 18 Sep - 16 Oct 1984 (Tues 8.55pm).

(If you have any further broadcast information please let me know.)


Links, curiosities & trivia:

Page on One Summer at willyrussell.com Following the release of the DVD, a detailed page has been added to Willy Russell's site, and interestingly includes a 'Coming Soon' section for 'The Film'.

Liverpool - The City on the Screen Article discussing the representation of Liverpool on the small screen including 'One Summer'. From the Teletronics site.

A peculiar poem about two dogs called Billy and Icky, written by a 5th grader in Alaska!
(Seems there are were a few moggies/pooches out there called Icky. Did you name your pet after your favourite One Summer character?)

Lyrics to "One Summer" by Australian singer Daryl Braithwaite  
(Haven't been able to confirm if there's any link - but the final verse does refer to Icky, so its an odd coincidence otherwise...)

Paul Abbott - writer/producer of the recent BBC mini-series 'State of Play' starring David Morrissey, listed One Summer as his favourite TV series of all time in an article in The Guardian earlier this year.

Excerpt from "State of Play" (2003) publicity release:
Simm was looking forward to working with David Morrissey as he had admired his work for a long time, particularly in Tony Marchant’s 'Holding On'. But the connection goes way back:“He did something called 'One Summer' years ago which I remember very well from being a kid. It stuck in my head and it was one of the things that made me want to go to drama school,” Simm says. However, Morrissey wasn’t overly flattered when Simm told him of his early admiration. “He just said, ‘thanks, that makes me feel really old,’” he laughs.

What was that show on the TV in the pub?

Miri Mawr.

"Miri Mawr", ("Big Fun") was a very odd, rather sinister Welsh language children's show from the late seventies. Set in a mysterious cave and peopled with a collection of worrying freaks and frenetic glove puppets.


What does the grafitti on the wall say?

According to the 'Welsh Learners' newsgroup, the phrase 'TWLL-Y-DYN Í BÔ' is from the Welsh toast "Iechyd da i bob Cymro a twll tyn i bob Sais" which means "Good health to all Welshmen and arseholes to the English!"

Other Recommendations:

It seems that everytime One Summerites get together the conversation always drifts to other seminal viewing experiences. In our last chat someone suggested that I put up a list of some of the common recommendations, so here goes:

Title Comments Available?
Our Day Out (1977) BBC Play for Today written by Willy Russell - a Liverpool school group goes on an outing to Wales. No
Scully (1984) Alan Bleasdale's comedy drama series about a hard-headed 15-year-old Scouser, Francis 'Franny' Scully, who daydreams about being a hero for Liverpool Football Club. No
Boys From the Blackstuff (1982) Alan Bleasdale's hard hitting black comedy, set against the harsh backdrop of Liverpool in Thatcher's Britain, chronicles the lives of a group of unemployed tarmac layers. Yes
Made in Britain (1982) Director Alan Clarke's influential television drama Made in Britain marked the screen debut of actor Tim Roth. Trevor is a teenage skinhead with a total disregard for anyone in authority. The story follows him into the care of social workers who hope to guide him back into civilised society. Yes
Scum (1977/1979) Alan Clarke's controversial film of the cruelty and violence inside a Government Borstal for young offenders. Originally made for the BBC, who subsequently banned it for 14 years. Remade as a feature film in 1979. Yes
Out of Control (2002) Wholly improvised drama focusing on the lives of three teenagers sent to a young offenders' institution. (With David Morrissey as the sympathetic guard) No
Priest (1994) Candid portrayal of the moral anguish and development of a young priest (Linus Roache) struggling to come to terms with the sins of his new parish and his own homosexuality.

(Region 1)

Naked (1993) Mike Leigh's Naked is a violent, penetrating study of an angry young man who lives a dark night of the soul wandering through London's depths, preaching humanity’s inevitably approaching demise. Yes
(Region 1)
Annika (1984) Isle of Wight deck chair attendant meets Swedish exchange student and follows her back to Sweden. No
Going Out (1980) Six part gritty teen drama by Phil Redmond (Grange Hill) about life after school.
Restless Natives (1985) Two Scottish guys dress as a clown and a wolfman and hold-up tourist coaches in the highlands. Yes
Johnny Jarvis (1983) Starred Mark Farmer and Ian Sears and told the story of two unlikely friends coming of age in London. No
Prospects (1986) Comedy/drama which starred Gary Olsen & Brian Bovell as Pincey & Billy,best friends who try and make a fast buck with various dodgy deals on the streets of London. No

Do you have a copy of any of those listed as not currently available? Drop me a line.
Anything you think belongs on this list? Just let me know.

With thanks to:

• Spencer Leigh
• David Morrissey
• Jane West
• The three other Davids. (Scouse, Welsh and Spanish)
• Nick for the UK press clippings
• Keith Richardson
All those involved in the production of the series who have so generously provided information and time and everyone else involved in making One Summer such a memorable series.
• Everyone who has encouraged me and assisted in the exciting process of learning how to build my first fully fledged website!

About the creation of this site

I hope that you find the site interesting - please feel free to give me any feedback on the content and design, and please let me know if you have any information that you think could be added. Thanks to everyone who's assisted up to now.

Way back in 1984 I was 14 years old, and stumbled across One Summer by accident when it was broadcast on the ABC in Sydney, Australia. What I saw left me with a lasting impression that no other TV series has had since.

For years my memories of the show were based on a little audio cassette I had made of the last episode (way before my family bought a video recorder). But since I started searching for information on the series about a year ago I've managed to unearth of lot of interesting stuff. As I found there was virtually no information about the series on the net, I thought it was time to make what I had discovered available to others.

I've found doing the research into this site a fascinating process. I hope you enjoy it.

Dec 2002



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