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One Summer


The first screening of One Summer in the UK was foreshadowed by some controversy.

Reports below detail how Willy Russell the screenwriter was unhappy with aspects of the production and as a result his name was removed from the credits.

Despite the coverage at the time, it is still not completely clear what the exact disagreements were, though they clearly involved differences between Russell and the director, on the casting and general style of the production.

It is interesting to note that Willy Russell's name did reappeared in later rerun screenings, and was credited in ITV publicity from 1985.

Until recently, Granada Media stated that the program could not be sold or rescreened due to instructions from Willy Russell. However a breakthrough in 2005 has now seen the DVD rights secured, and a DVD release is due in January 2006 from Network DVD.


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TV Row over Russell series (Liverpool Echo 27/06/83): text image

Russel pulls out after TV clashs (Liverpool Daily Post 28/07/83): text image

Row Over Willy's back street kids (Liverpool Echo 4/07/83): text image

A Summer's Dark Cloud (Daily Mirror date?): text image

Russell disowns Summer series (source unknown): text image

One Summer and the difference it could make (The Guardian, Aug 1983): text image

Why Willy is missing (The Standard 5/08/83): text image

Russell Fall Out With YTV ( Time Out 4-10/08/83): text image

Scouse Double Act ( Guardian 8/08/83): text image


Television Review with Mary Kenny (Daily Mirror 8/08/83): text image

Weekend TV Review (Daily Telegraph 5/09/83): text image

Review by John Williams (Liverpool Daily Post 13/07/83): text image

Sentimental Trading on Inner City Woes (The Times? 29/09/83): text image

Belfast is not a patch on Liverpool (Sydney Morning Herald 17.9.84): text image

Escape from Liverpool (The Age Melbourne 13.9.84): text image

One Summer is chilling and compelling (Courier Mail Brisbane 17/09/84): text image


That Summer gem gave us so much pleasure (Assumed Liverpool Echo ?/?/1984)

Letters page (The Age Melbourne 8/11/84): letter1 letter2

And an interesting war of words via the Liverpool Echo's
Letters page at the time of the first broadcast focusing
on the 'negative' portrayal of Liverpool:

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